RDMGRL - Waterproof EP

Exclusive release date: 10/03/2014

Release date: 24/03/2014

Description: First solo release for RDMGRL, Electronic Fog collective co-founder. First track, original mix, is a deep dark dub techno track, where the rhythmic texture capture the attention. Stops and restarts create a unique dynamic. Idga edit the original track and crate a rework version. Acid techno flavor with a 4/4 kick drum: for dancefloor addicted. The last track is a beatless mix of the original track where effects are used to fill the gap of the drum.


  1. RDMGRL - Waterproof (original mix)

  2. RDMGRL - Waterproof (Idga rework)

  3. RDMGRL - Waterproof (beatless mix)